2016 Children’s Health Fund Spotlight: Houston Area Women’s Center

2016 Children’s Health Fund Spotlight: Houston Area Women’s Center

The Harris County Hospital District Foundation manages a permanent endowment devoted to children’s health issues in Harris County. The endowment is a tri-party agreement between Harris County, the Harris Health System, and the HCHD Foundation.

The proceeds of this endowment support integrated health projects for children who are not eligible for other similar services and who are at the highest risk in our society.

Meet Houston Area Women’s Center!

Children’s Health Services

Grant Outcomes

The first outcome for the Children’s Health Services was to improve mental health and physical well-being of child clients through use of on-site assessment, service planning, counseling, skills training and linkages to resources. This was measured in three different ways. First by, providing comprehensive assessments and service plans for children’s well being and needs, including medical and mental health, developmental and educational, and basic needs. They also performed individualized PTSD assessments of child clients who were identified by the CYS staff as exhibiting indicators of PTSD and linked as needed to appropriate mental health services. Lastly by, providing on-site supportive services to address trauma and build coping skills. 

Their second outcome was to expand partnerships with community providers to create an integrated health approach. This was measured by taking five different approaches. They coordinated with UT Physicians to provide onsite medical and behavioral screenings for child clients. They coordinated with local service providers to provide education to parents onsite on various medial topics. Coordinated with MCOT to provide emergency mental health services on-site. They also coordinated with Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) to educate parents on accessing health care and screening for their child. And lastly they assisted clients in accessing medical care insurance. 



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