Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Foundation and is the Foundation a public charity?

The Foundation was founded in 1992 and is a 501c3 designated public charity. The Foundation has the mission to support Harris Health System create a healthier community and support the education of the next generation of healthcare workers.

Prior to the formation of the Foundation, there was not a method whereby donors could give in-kind contributions or funds to Harris Health. The Foundation was formed to allow and encourage donations from Individuals, Corporations or Foundations.

Is the Foundation part of the Hospital District/Harris Health System?

The Foundation is a separate entity and not part of the Harris Health System.

Where does the Foundation’s money come from?

The Foundation receives funding from Event proceeds, Foundation solicited grants, Individual solicited and unsolicited donations, Corporate donations and grants and in- kind contributions of goods and services acquired through partnerships, sponsorships and donations.

The Foundation also works as a team with Board of Trustee members, Harris Health employees, Harris Health Board of Managers and other fundraising professionals to administer Capital Campaigns raising funding for new capital assets for Harris Health System.

Does the Foundation grant money to other organizations?

The Foundation has one endowed fund for which some of the grants can be made to external 501c3’s and agencies all within Harris County. The Children’s Health Fund was given as an agreement between Harris Health System, Harris County and the HCHD Foundation. These grants made by the Children’s Health Fund with recommendations from the Children’s Health Advisory Committee. This committee consists of healthcare and community professionals.
Please review the Grant Page for more information on the purpose of the fund and the fund’s application process.

What is the process to receive a grant from the Children’s Health Fund?

Requests for Children’s Health Fund awards should start by contacting the Foundation Grant and Program Manager, at 713-566-6409. The process is an annual one. Check our website under the Grants Info tab for details and an application. Submitted applications are reviewed by Child Health Experts and annual award reviews, then recommendations are reviewed and discussed by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Our website contains further details.

Are there other Funds from which an outside group(outside of Harris Health System) may request funding?

Children’s Health Fund awards, administered by the Foundation, are available for request by nonprofit groups outside of Harris Health System but within Harris County. The Fund has much more information detailed on the website. The Foundation does not solicit donations for this Fund.

How do I know my money is spent on the intended purpose?

All decisions for funding grant awards managed by the Foundation are made according to the policies and procedures governed the Board of Trustees. Foundation staff do not make decisions alone for grant awards. Funds donated by individuals or corporations are applied to the original purpose intended by the donor, according to Internal Revenue Service rules and the State of Texas laws for non-profit financial management. Grants awarded to the foundation are used according to terms stated in the funding agreement.

How do we know if our donations are making a difference?

Donors may contact the Foundation at any time to request information on the impact of their contributions. The Foundation also publishes an Annual Report that provides updates on the impact of all support to Harris Health programs and services. Quarterly newsletters are published by the Foundation to provide regular updates on the impact of contributions and other news.

How does the Foundation decide its grant request funding priorities?

Funding requests by Harris Health Management are reviewed by the Harris Health CEO and the Foundation’s Board Annually. The Foundation speaks with those program groups approved and sets priorities based on the listing approved.

How can one participate in events produced by the Foundation?

Events produced by the Foundation are listed on the website’s events page. We welcome public participation in all of our events.  To participate, please visit our event page and this should lead you to much more detail of each event sponsored by the Foundation.
For more information please contact the Foundation at 713-566-6409.

How do I make a patient appointment at Harris Health?

The Foundation is not able to directly assist patients in making appointments to Harris Health System. Harris Health System’s Patient Appointment Center helps you schedule, reschedule or cancel most appointments. Please call 713-526-4243 to speak with one of the Harris Health trained schedulers.
The Patient Appointment Center is open Mondays through Fridays 7:00AM-5:00PM and Saturdays 7:00AM-3:00PM

Seeking eligibility for Harris Health patient status?

Harris Health’s Financial Assistance Program is not an insurance plan. Harris Health does not provide health insurance coverage under the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange. Please call 713-566-6509 or visit Harris Health’s How Do I Apply? page for more information.
To apply, simply drop off your application along with verification proofs at the nearest eligibility center OR mail your application to:

Harris Health Financial Assistance Program
P.O. Box 300488
Houston, TX 77230

Have a positive patient success story or an issue that should be handled differently?

Patient issues that need resolution or to report a complaint please call 713-566-6634. If you have a positive story and wish to let us know about it please also call 713-566-6634 and they will deliver your story to the appropriate Harris Health System department or unit. Patient Experience stories are also collected by Harris Health Administration to meet compliance for regulations and to continually improve the quality of patient care.

How can I make a donation to the Foundation and to a specific purpose?

Donations can be received by the Foundation for any Harris Health program or services, facility or purpose related to its mission.  Donations can also be received by the Foundation in support of its own programs and fund raising events and goals. Please visit our Projects page for more detailed information.

There are specific funds listed on the donate page of the website but if these are not what you are seeking to fund or not specific to your ideas, please call 713-566-6409 for more information and find out how you can best support the Foundation and Harris Health System.

What is the main telephone number for Harris Health?

Harris Health’s main phone number is 713-634-1000.

How do I contact the Foundation?

You can visit our Contact Page at anytime.
Please call 713-566-6409 main line to reach the Foundation office and staff can assist you in finding the right person to meet your needs.

I work with a Harris Health Clinic and want to plan a fund raiser, can the Foundation assist us?

Yes, we can! Please call 713-566-6409 main line to reach the Foundation office and staff can assist you in finding the right person to answer your questions and find the best way to assist with your project.

I work at Harris Health and need funding for a program, how can the Foundation assist us?

Yes! We will work with you to help achieve funding for approved programs. Call the Foundation for more details at 713-566-6409.

Can I contribute with in-kind donations?

Absolutely. If you’d like to contribute to our mission with an in-kind donations such as please contact us.