2016 Children’s Health Fund Spotlight: Alief Independent School District

2016 Children’s Health Fund Spotlight: Alief Independent School District

The Harris County Hospital District Foundation manages a permanent endowment devoted to children’s health issues in Harris County. The endowment is a tri-party agreement between Harris County, the Harris Health System, and the HCHD Foundation.

The proceeds of this endowment support integrated health projects for children who are not eligible for other similar services and who are at the highest risk in our society. Meet Alief Independent School District!

Mental Health Liaison for Early Intervention Extension

Grant Outcomes

The Mental Health Liaison position for Early Intervention has been a tremendous asset to the Alief Independent School District. The impact of the liaison to support the students’ social and emotional needs has been felt throughout the two schools that the liaison is assigned, Boone Elementary and Klentzman Intermediate Schools. The goal of this program was to ensure our students received proper mental health resources for those that needed it. Some students do not receive basic health services due to circumstances outside of their control. The mental health liaison is a Licensed Master Social Worker. When the mental health issues are identified and referrals are made, parents are able to ask any questions that they may have regarding any referrals with the mental health liaison. The mental health liaison provided counseling groups for students that have been identified with a mental health need.  These groups acted as an early intervention to see if there was a need for additional mental health evaluation by outside school resources.

Program Evaluation 

The program evaluation consist of collection of data regarding how many students are serviced, how many parents are consulted and the monthly reports. The project timeline that was attached to the grant assisted in making sure we understood our students and their capacity for assistance. 111 children and their parents/guardians were served during the grant cycle. 


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