TMR19 Team Awards Presentations

TMR19 Team Awards Presentations

2019 TexasMedRun Team Awards Presentations

The Harris County Hospital District Foundation held its 17th Annual TexasMedRun on February 2, 2019. The event was an overall success and so was the TEAM COMPETITION! This was our second year encouraging TEAM COMPETITION among the team members of Harris Health System with the categories of – Largest Team, Highest Fundraising Team, Most Creative Team Name, and Most Creative Costume. The employees of Harris Health System once again exemplified great enthusiasm! It was most difficult to narrow down the best of the best from each category.

At the close of the event, the Foundation staff received an abundance of calls and emails about the winning categories. The anticipation!

Most Creative Team Name – Chop It Like It’s Hot

Team Members: Amber Dunn, Everett Roland, Sharon Brandon, Andrea Jones, Jason Forte, Darlene Roland, Vonda McFee, Rosalio Martinez, Lameka Smith, Jermaine Ross, Cequadeya McKoy, and Khayla Davison.

The Harris County Hospital District Foundation staff first met Chop It Like It’s Hot during packet pick up week for the 17th Annual TexasMedRun.  The bubbly personalities of Team Leader Amber Dunn and the rest of the Ben Taub Culinary staff were the most memorable about this team – the well thought out name was icing on the cake. 

With a unanimous vote from the Foundation staff, Chop It Like It’s Hot was crowned our 2019 TMR Team Award winner for the Most Creative Name.  On March 5, 2019, the team was presented their very own plaque to showcase proudly in the Ben Taub Cafeteria. Be sure to congratulate this team during your next visit to grab lunch!

Most Creative Costumes – Dialysis Defenders

Team Members: Veronica Zavala, Virginia Rojas, Carlos Flamenco, Obdulia Valencia, Benjamin Rodriguez, Jose Martinez, Fausto Israel Urbinamajano, Luis Rojas, Jairo Garcia, Jose Funes, Arnulfo Vasquez, Brittany Zelikoff, Melissa Gause, Danielle Leal, Luis Vidales, Raul Pineda, Fredy Coronado, and Lori Timmons

The morning of the 17th Annual TexasMedRun, February 2, 2019, there were racers stretching, participants registering, and through the crowd walked the Dialysis Defenders!  This team was hard to miss.  With their capes, colorful tutus, and masks, this group of superheros conquered the 5K with ease.  Everyone enjoyed taking photos of these fun defenders, lead by Veronica Zavala. 

From Superman to the Incredibles, the Dialysis Defenders soared their way into the winnings of Most Creative Costume.  March 3, 2019 the Defenders were presented with a gift basket full of gift certificates, treats, and more at the Riverside Dialysis Center.  Cheers to these fantastic heroes! 

Largest Team – PAC Attackers

Pac Attackers Team Members: Terry Hobbs, Barbara Vigil-Flores, Wendy Garcia, James Perry, Kenya Garcia, Diana Villa, Ermelinda Carbajal, Debra Smith, Laura Suarez, Argelia Gaucin, Henry Flores, Ana Zavala, Loren Jemison, Oilimed Payan, Nicole Figueroa, Edison Martinez, Thomas Nava, Abraham Dragustinovis, Diana Polanco, Angelica Palacios, Brandy Navarro, Jeymillie Morales, Shelia Viser, Manuel Martinez, Cindy Mirana, Elsa Lazo, Vilma Farias, Adriana Alcala, Vanetta Bryant, Zacarias Ramon, Susan Ramon, Adrienne Mendoza, Chole Mendoza, Camille Mendoza, Yesenia Sanchez, Ana Gallegos, Rocio Rodriquez, Marlon Cazares, Keila Ramon, Maura Guardado, Krystal Barley, Crystal Hubbard, Nelsy Valerio, Lia Palma, Alan McMahan, Monica Landeros, Terri McKenzie, Claudia Lara, Felix Cabrera, Yesenia Sanchez, Paola Velazquez, Mireya Aguirre-Aquino, Johnnetta Martin, Esdras Castro, Deyanira Vasquez, Elsa Gutierrez, Jaterah Reaux, Dyana Gallardo, Miriam Brown, Angelica Salazar, Aniceta Enriquez, Marisol Arzola, Yuri Ruiz, Sharon Granger, Kiara Fuentes, Michelle Wallace, Ricardo Sandoval, Dolores Hernandez, Patricia Castillo Carmona, and Patricia Salazar

With the a busy schedule like the Harris Health System PA Call Center has, taking calls from patients and scheduling appointments day in and and day out (roughly 10,000 calls a day!), it’s astonishing how the PAC Attackers found time to round up 72 participants for the 17th Annual TexasMedRun!  To some, this may not come as a surprise, as this isn’t the first TMR Team win for the PAC Attackers.

In 2017, the PAC Attackers won a free luncheon for highest fundraising team and in 2018 they won largest team!  On March 14, 2019, the PAC Attackers were presented with their now second trophy to show off on display. The HCHD Foundation truly thanks Team Leader Terry Hobbs and the rest of the call center staff for their years of support. 

Highest Fundraising Team – LBJ Baby Steps

LBJ Baby Steps Team Members: Kelli Jones, Priyanka Patel, Lynn Pascual, Ida Griffin-Massie, Guadalupe Salazar, Quirica Siloran, Ricky Siloran, Kimberly Arnold, Maria D’Souza, Luvenie Poral, Dawn Gaston, Eufracia Austria, Narciso Austria, Vanessa Estorga, Marijan Veselinovic, Anthony Säbol, Michelle Lopez, Brendan D’Souza, Mary Bossier-Bearden, David Bearden II, Shandra Williams, Theresa Wilson, Angelica Aja, Mihir Parikh, Robert Miller, Lily Esparza, Mimi Lopez, Reba Nelson, Kenneth Taylor, Yesenia Taylor, Martin Garret, Charmeshia Wren, Nirav Patel, Dean Silagan, Daisy Silagan, Khushbu Bhakta

A huge round of applause is owed to the phenomenal Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital NICU Department.  The LBJ Baby Steps truly stepped up and into the winner’s circle as the 2019 TexasMedRun’s Highest Fundraising Team.  In between delivering babies and caring for the new mothers, the LBJ Baby Steps were able to raise an amazing $1,625.00 benefiting their own Neonatal Program!

On March 29, 2019 the HCHD Foundation staff were happy to present the LBJ Baby Steps with a luncheon, sponsored by the Foundation, to thank Team Lead Kelli Jones and the rest of the team for working so hard and being a great contribution to the TexasMedRun.

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