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Adopt A Family 2016

This is the 3rd annual Adopt a Family event the MD Anderson Fellows have participated in to support the oncology patients and their families receiving care at LBJ. Last year’s “Adopt a Family” was a tremendous success.  Through the generosity of the MD Anderson fellows and other donors, two oncology patients receiving on-going care at LBJ and their families were identified by the LBJ Child Life team to receive gifts last holiday season. The gifts included wishes from the children such as toys, games, movies, electronics, clothes, and shoes. In addition, gift cards were provided for the families to enjoy time together, such as going to the movies and eating out. Each family was provided with a grocery gift card to ensure that their families enjoyed a holiday meal. This fund is available to all who are interested in contributing towards the MD Anderson Fellows Fund, which raised close to $3000 last year.

Photo Caption: On Monday, December 22, 2014 Ms. Sanchez and her three sons were able to meet with some of the MD Anderson Oncology Fellows, Dr. Ratan and Dr. Leslie, and the Child Life team at LBJ General Hospital who contributed in providing them with their gifts. Ms. Sanchez stated, “We only have $50.00 for the rest of the month, now we will be able to make it.”

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