Harris Health Employee Relief Fund

Employee Disaster Relief Fund Helps Hundreds

DeLora Randle, medical technologist, Settegast Health Center, had to evacuate her home of nine years by boat with her two daughters, while her husband was at work.

“We were prepared for the lights to go out, but we weren’t prepared for the amount of water,” she says.

DeLora lost everything on the first floor and her car.

She was one of 627 staff members who requested help from Harris Health’s Employee Disaster Relief Fund.  And thanks to your generous donation, along with several other organizations, Harris Health was able to help staff with some funds so they could begin rebuilding their lives.

“Disasters can cause a tremendous financial burden on those affected,” says George V. Masi, president and CEO. “Our staff did an amazing job and stepped up to help their fellow colleagues.”

In all, more than $400,000 was donated to the relief fund.

DeLora, a 16-year employee who contributes to the disaster relief fund, never thought she’d be a recipient.

“It warms my heart to know that my Harris Health family is so supportive in my time of need,” she says. “Thank you so, so much. I will always be grateful and if I’m needed in the future, I will help! I love you all.”

Mario Saucedo, pharmacy automation system specialist, Central Fill, echoes DeLora’s sentiments.

“On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank you for your kindness in our time of need. May you all be blessed and may you always have abundance of health and prosperity,” he says. “I’m grateful for everything I have been assisted with in my dark hour. Thank you for brining light and hope to my family.”

Mario’s harrowing experience started Sunday, Aug. 27, when water rose in his less-than-a-year old newly built house. Mario used a borrowed inner tube from a neighbor to evacuate his wife, five children (ages 10 months to 16 years old) and an 85-year old mother-in-law.

The 75-yard journey was a feat for Mario, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall. He waded in neck deep water to get his family to dry land. Mario made more than eight trips—transporting his family and getting medical equipment for his mother-in-law.

In the end, his first floor was destroyed by four feet of water.

“Thanks to the relief fund, I was able to start repairs on our home,” he says. “We’re probably still a month away from moving back in, but it’s a process.”

All Harris Health staff who received financial and tangible help expressed their thanks. Here are some of their comments:

“Everyone’s generosity is appreciated more than we can express.” Robert Black
“This means the world to my husband and me. I am blessed that I work for a company that has such tremendous support for its employees. Thank you. We are forever grateful.” Shannon Logan
“God bless everyone that helped get me and my family through this trial.” Franchesca Barlow
“Thank you so much! You are a blessing.” Guadalupe Mansanarez
“Thank you very much for everything you did for us during our time of need. God bless each and every one who helped. I am blessed and more than happy to work for Harris Health System.” Angelica Valadez
“I thank God for you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. There are still great people in this world.” Debra Cooper
“Thank you. I’m forever grateful.” Nikita Morrison
“Thanks a lot for the help and generous heart.” Sajini Mathew
“You are very much appreciated.” Jacqueline Edward
“I’m very appreciative of the support and assistance given to my family in rebuilding our home. Thank you.” Douglas Wohllaib
“I’m a proud employee of Harris Health. This organization really helped when I needed it most. My family and I are very thankful.” Noemi Charles
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