Gulf Coast Healthcare Externship

HCHD Foundation Welcomes – Gulf Coast Healthcare Externship

HCHD Foundation Welcomes – Gulf Coast Healthcare Externship to

Harris Health System – June 13-23, 2016

How should we prepare our children for the future? How could an educator prepare our children for the real situation at the workplace when it is so unknown? How can all this be overcome?

In May 2016, Workforce Solutions contacted the Harris County Hospital District Foundation about participating in a project to help teachers and counselors get the skill set to better prepare students with job readiness rather than job training. The primary focus of this project was healthcare.

When thinking about a career in healthcare, images of doctors or nurses might be the first to come to mind. But there are hundreds of different healthcare careers, from the people who administer the healing to the people who administer the industry. Doctors and nurses cannot function on their own, and many people work behind the scenes in rewarding jobs at all levels of responsibility and pay.

On June 13-23, 2016, the Harris County Hospital District Foundation hosted nine days of A Day in Harris Health System, the longest program to date, to share with 12 secondary school teachers and counselors the necessities to provide their students with informed education and career choices. A worksite tour with hands-on learning experiences exposed the externship group to the job duties of key occupations in our business. Speakers from the essential departments of Harris Health System volunteered their time and expertise in this endeavor. The management team stepped up with enthusiasm. PowerPoint presentations and handouts were provided to the group as reference material. With all the information shared, each presenter stressed the importance of oral and written communication, problem-solving, organizational skills, analytical skills, and interpersonal skills. Many people of all ages lack these essential skills. “Taking education to a new level will ensure that our children have the right skill set for the task and will know how to work productively”, said Carolyn Amos, Foundation Operations Manager.

The teachers and counselors appreciated the opportunity of touring Harris Health Ben Taub Level I Trauma Center, Lyndon B. Johnson Level III Trauma Center, Ambulatory Care Services, and Community Outreach Services. These Essential Departments of Harris Health System, scheduled the first four days of the rotation, highlighted the rewards of “behind-the-scenes” careers.

The Foundation would like to thank Harris Health management team for their participation and sharing their expertise with hopes to better prepare our next generation. The rotation was a huge success! If you would like to learn more about the Harris County Hospital District Foundation, our role with Harris Health System, or schedule a Day in the Harris Health System, please visit A Day in Harris Health System was created to help community leaders develop a deep understanding of the tremendous actions physicians and nurse’s take on a daily basis in the Harris Health System. The program includes information on the complex healthcare system, and the role Harris Health System plays in providing care for those in our great community.

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