Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services

2016 Children’s Health Fund Spotlight: Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services

The Harris County Hospital District Foundation manages a permanent endowment devoted to children’s health issues in Harris County. The endowment is a tri-party agreement between Harris County, the Harris Health System, and the HCHD Foundation.

The proceeds of this endowment support integrated health projects for children who are not eligible for other similar services and who are at the highest risk in our society. Meet Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services!



Open Airways in Schools program

Grant Outcomes

Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services made many efforts to create the necessary partnerships to move the efforts forward and to get Open Airways implemented in school districts, school-based health centers, and clinics in Harris County. The program will be implemented in Orange Glove Elementary school in Aldine ISD and Sheldon ISD. A meeting was held with two lead nurses at Harris Health System to brainstorm ways to bring the program to pediatric patients outside of the school setting. 

Type of Service

With the grant monies awarded, Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services were able to:

  • purchase pedometers and backpacks for future Open Airways in School Participants
  • purchase additional spacers and peak flow meters as incentives for program participation for future participants
  • purchase additional Open Airways in Schools Curriculum Kits from the American Lung Assoiciation

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