ASK About Suicide to Save a Life

ASK About Suicide to Save a Life

Harris Health System now offers Suicide Prevention training. Blake Lynch, BSN, RN is a certified trainer for the Texas Suicide Prevention Council’s new curriculum: ASK About Suicide to Save a Life.

  • Ask about suicidal thoughts and behavior
  • Seek more information about the individual, their risk factors and protective factors
  • Know how and where to refer them for help

ASK is not intended to be a form of counseling or treatment.

ASK is intended to offer hope through positive action.

ASK is intended to teach those who are in a position to recognize the warning signs, clues and suicidal communications of people in trouble to act vigorously to prevent a possible tragedy.

Classes are scheduled for 11/2 to 2 hours. Class size is generally 25 participants.

Classes are open to any interested individuals, faith-based groups, professionals or community groups. You may register individually or schedule an ASK class for a group. Classes are free.

To register, contact:
Alexis Moon, MSN, RN
713-873-3406 office
936-336-4423 cell