Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams

A nationally recognized program designed to educate high school students about the consequences of impaired and distracted driving.

Harris Health System has been hosting Shattered Dreams at Harris County high schools since 2006. 2016 marks the 10th year anniversary of the program. Harris Health has hosted more than 40 Shattered Dreams programs that have impacted over 40,000 students, teachers, parents, and community residents. The uniqueness of Harris Health’s Shattered Dreams program is that it is completely free to participating schools and can be coordinated in less than two months.

The Program:

Shattered Dreams is a two-day program for the junior and senior classes that begins with the dramatization of an alcohol related crash on a high school campus. The scene unfolds with a complement of wrecked cars, “critically injured” students, police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, funeral hearses, and the arrest and booking of a drunk driver. Throughout the rest of the school day, students from the school population are selected to become “living dead” to represent the statistics of motor vehicle crash fatalities. Around 30 students, selected by the school are then transported to Ben Taub Hospital for an overnight portion that involves presentations, activities, and tours. The next morning, we return to the high school for an assembly with the junior and senior classes.

Interested in bringing the Shattered Dreams program to your high school? Contact Stephen Mora, Director of Trauma Services directly at


We are looking for Harris Health employees to volunteer during the mock crash scene and during the overnight portion at Ben Taub Hospital. Please contact Stephen Mora, Director of Trauma Services directly at

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