Patrick Blake

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Patrick Blake

     Patrick Blake is the current CEO of Crude Oilfield Solutions LP and Former President of JOTS Energy Services. He has completed major oil and gas projects in all major markets from 2009 through current. Mr. Blake coordinates equipment logistics, management, and on-site personnel, and provides support for all back-end office obligations, business strategy, and development. He is a seasoned C level manager and results-orientated leader with excellent communication skills, and is a critical thinker and adept negotiator who can apply extensive industry knowledge to profitable client partnerships and revenue enhancing cooperative opportunities.

Mr. Blake’s management history starts before his education at Texas A& M and carries through to the present. He has extensive marketing and sales experience – qualified through years of inside and outside sales including internet marketing. Accustomed to developing software to stream line routine office tasks and increase efficiency. He is an experienced project manager due to his years of managing large staff on limited resources, engineering and managing major drilling projects for Fortune 100 companies in the Mid-Con, Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, Haynesville Shale with both balanced and underbalanced formations. 

Mr. Blake is the former President of JOTS Energy Services. He successfully completed projects in Reeves and Ward County in 2016. He is the founder and owner of, a Real Estate marketing company managing 6 software programmers 3 developers and 4 designers simultaneously all to Oil Field.

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