Health Equity Initiatives

Health Equity Initiatives


 The Harris County Hospital District Foundation (HCHD Foundation) is excited to raise funds and bring awareness around select Health Equity Initiatives led by Harris Health’s Population Health Department, reducing inequitable health outcomes in Harris County by focusing on key drivers of health, critical populations, and communities in ways that support and advance whole health. The select initiatives include:

Remote Monitoring for Maternal Health

Improving maternal health outcomes by supporting high-risk pregnant and post-partum women with just-in-time clinical support from the comfort of their homes, as well as ongoing emotional support. Funding will support the purchase of home blood pressure monitors and other technology needed to expand this program to the maternal population, expected to immediately engage 300 maternal health patients in the first year and anticipating continued growth thereafter.

Multiple studies of women with high risk pregnancy (both prenatal and postpartum) show patients value at-home monitoring as it allows for active participation in their care, fewer visits to specialists, and promotes self-efficacy. Maternal hypertension, the leading cause of cardiovascular and coronary mortality issues, normally requires management through frequent in-person checks. However, the purchase of home blood pressure monitors for these patients will encourage regular self-measurement and reporting of results for real time interventions with Harris Health’s care team and providers including an in-person evaluation, as needed.

Patient Benefit Support

Helping patients easily and successfully identify and obtain medical and non-medical state and federal programs such as SNAP, WIC, TANF, Child Tax Credits, etc., allowing them to maximize their financial stability: a critical driver of health. Funding will support the creation of a custom benefits hub for patients and/or a Harris Health coordinator.

Community Investment in Settegast

Building capacity to strengthen community health through effective coordination and alignment of resources, investments, and community partners by a Harris Health coordinator. Funding will advance Harris Health’s community-facing engagement efforts and activities in Settegast, a community with known life-expectancy gaps, where community priorities have already been identified through community conversations with residents and partners.

We hope you will kindly consider joining us in support of the Health Equity Initiatives led by Harris Health’s Population Health Department.


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