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The Lyndon Baines Johnson Hospital (LBJGH), owned and operated by the Harris Health System and operated by TexTac Corporation, is the second primary teaching facility for The University of Texas (UT) Medical School at Houston. Health care services clinical staff for LBJ hospital is provided by Affiliated Medical Services (a nonprofit organization composed of UT faculty).

Many services are offered at LBJ hospital and patients may find themselves with multiple appointments on different days in one week.

Parking Cost

Parking is a cost to patients and employees at Hospitals. Sometimes parking can be an issue for patients as it is costly. This has caused patients to miss their appointments toward the end of the month, because they simply cannot afford parking expenses. When a patient misses appointments they are not receiving the medical treatment or care recommended by their physicians. Wellness goals are slowed for these patients and recurring illnesses are more of a factor.

Patient No-Show Rates

Patient no-show rates also leave an empty appointment space for Harris Health System which another patient could have utilized. This is an issue due to Harris Health’s predominantly due to the waiting period for patient appointments. In February 2014, the LBJ hospital medical staff created a fund to cover parking expenses for eligible patients. 


The Harris County Hospital District Foundation is working collaboratively with Harris Health and LBJ medical staff to enhance and sustain this program. Your support of this worthwhile program through Harris Health payroll deduction, or a donation to the HCHD Foundation, is encouraged and greatly appreciated by our patients and medical staff. 
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