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The mission of the Harris County Hospital District Foundation is to enhance the broad healthcare mission of the Harris Health System by soliciting and raising funds for, and increasing the community’s awareness of Harris Health System. 

The HCHD Foundation strives to make a difference in the lives of the patients that are served by the Harris Health System as well as the all-important doctors, nurses, and staff who care for these patients.  The Foundation also serves to fund programs that reach out into our community to provide care for the area population who need it the most. 

The Foundation makes an impact by working hand-in-hand with the Harris Health Administration to fund projects and initiatives that have been identified as “the greatest need” in the community.  It is of prime importance that the projects supported by the foundation directly impact the improvement of quality and access to care for the uninsured and underinsured people of Harris County. Our work also aims in enhance the quality of the workplace found at Harris Health sites for all employees.

Some examples of how HCHD Foundation is making an impact in the community and in the workplace include supporting such programs as:

TroubleShooters Mobile Immunization Program

The Mobile Immunization Outreach Program provides free vaccinations for underprivileged children from two months to 18 years of age as well as elderly populations. The program allows visits to more than 400 local sites such as schools in areas determined to be experiencing the lowest health indicators in Harris County.

Mobile Mammography Program 

Harris Health System’s Mobile Mammography Van now provides over 30,000 mammograms in our county each year. This means better survival rates for women, and subsequently, a cost savings for the community.

Employee Disaster Fund

When an employee of Harris Health System needs help due to unforeseen emergencies, the Employee Disaster Fund is available to help. To date, more than $230,000 has been donated and given to employees who have needed assistance!

Mobile Dental Program

Oral health is a critical component in primary care, preventive, and wellness service provision. HCHD Foundation’s Mobile Dental Outreach Program overcomes access barriers by bringing oral health care to men, women and children in Harris County who would otherwise go without.

Professional Advancement for Nurses 

Donations to this fund help nurses who are seeking education to get to the next level – LVN to BS to BSN to MSN to PhD.  In addition, this fund supports education by bringing those who are experts in the field to our campus to educate Harris Health nurses.

The HCHD Foundation works actively to leverage public funding through the procurement of additional private grants and tangible giving. None of the Foundation’s work can be done without support from the community.


Strategic Grants

The HCHD Foundation works actively to leverage public funding through the procurement of additional private grants and tangible giving. 

Annual Events

Throughout the year we host a number of special events. These provide an excellent venue for people like you to make new friends and have fun!

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Your Generosity Makes a Difference

Thank you for expressing interest in supporting our mission. Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of our patients, staff, and our community each and every day. We hope you will consider donating online, one of the fastest and most effective ways to impact the health of our community. With the HCHD Foundation, you have the power to decide where you want your money to make an impact! Visit our Donations page (linked below), choose the amount you would like to give, and from the dropdown menu you choose which project you would like to fund.
There is also the opportunity to give in-kind donations to enhance our programs and services. Thank you for your support!

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